UnMorse Code Solver

Typically Morse code has a separater between the letters and words but what if you run into Morse without these? You'll find that even a relatively short Morse code message can result in millions of combinations! This tool allows you to walk through the Morse code character by character until you arrive at a readable output.

To use this tool, enter your Morse characters and click decode. You can click on each letter presented to find the next translation for that grouping. To remove a bad row, just click the "X" next to that row. You can also check for "partial endings" where the last character's Morse value is incomplete. This will allow you to find all combinations that COULD start with the Morse character you have at the end (dot or dash).

Click here for an example word. (MORSE).

Morse Code Characters
Only the dot (.) and dash (-) characters will be evaluated here.