Brainfuck & Ook! Code

Brainfuck is an (unfortunately named) esoteric programming language created in 1993 by Urban Müller. The language consists of eight commands: > < + - . , [ and ]. See Wikipedia for more details about the lanugage's construction. Ook! is a joke programming language created by David Morgan-Mar. It is identical to brainfuck, except that the instructions are changed into Orangutan words. The Ook! commands are: Ook. Ook?, Ook? Ook., Ook. Ook., Ook! Ook!, Ook! Ook., Ook. Ook!, Ook! Ook? and Ook? Ook!. A variant of Ook! is called Short Ook! where the Ook are stripped out, leaving the following commands: .?, ?., .., !!, !., .!, !? and ?!. This tool will allow you to interpret the message between these versions and is based on the work by Project Nayuki.

Interpreting as:
Text to Brainfuck