Bacon Cipher

Francis Bacon created this method of hiding one message within another. It is not a true cipher, but just a way to conceal your secret text within plain sight. The way it originally worked is that the writer would use two different typefaces. One would be the "A" typeface and the other would be "B". Your message would be written with the two fonts intermingled, thus hiding your message within a perfectly normal text.

Note: There are two versions of the bacon cipher. The first uses the same code for I and J and the same code for U and V. The second uses distict codes for every letter.

When decrypting: This tool allows you to decrypt four version of encrypted bacon cipher text. The normal version is A/B or 0/1. You may also choose an upper/lower case decryption or an Atbash style decryption where the first half of the alphabet is encrypted from A-M and second half is N-Z.

Choose what kind of ciphertext you want to decode. If your text is A/B or 0/1, choose Normal. If your text is enciphered as upper and lower case, choose Case Sensitive. If it is enciphered by half the alphabet, choose A-M and N-Z option.